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Jeanie Moore MVO - Biography

Jeanie Moore

Music and especially singing has been my passion since the age of 3 years. Apart from pop music, I have eclectic tastes and cross the spectrum from Bach to boogie! However, I must make an exception with The Beatles: I’m sure they must have been part of everyone’s past experience.

From the age of 5 and the ensuing years, I was involved in singing, leading a dance troupe, pantomime and playing piano, and loving every moment. Singing in the church choir and an intense study of music at my boarding school was an enriching period in my life.

At 25 I met my future husband, Ron. He had a beautiful voice and we discovered singing together was a good reason for getting married! We became a professional duo whilst living in the USA and, on returning to the UK, we continued performing for the next 10 years. After Ron’s death in 1986, I was employed by the YMCA and my voluntary work for the following 21 years was with The Prince’s Trust. In 1999, I received my citation as a Member of the Victorian Order in recognition of this work.

I started my third career as an International concert promoter 23 years ago at the age of 65. Music always has and will be my inspiration for living!

For details on all of my current and future events, please see my ‘Concerts’ page.